E.C.C. Electrical Construction Corp. was founded in 1970 and is a full-service commercial and industrial electrical contractor. We routinely work in shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, industrial plants, and warehouse complexes. In 1993 we completed the first major expansion at Wilson stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills. E.C.C. provided event on-site support for the stadium, during every game and off-season – since 1983 to 2023.

Commercial Building part of a industry campus.

Electrical Wiring Specialists

E.C.C. Electrical Construction Corp. designs, installs and services all kinds of electrical wiring. From large facility electrical services to the smallest circuit for your new IT room server, we can help you power it safely and reliably. Have a new piece of equipment your mechanical contractor is installing – but won’t wire for you? We work with several mechanical contractors in the area wiring air conditioners, chillers, pumps, fans, air curtains, humidifiers and more. We can correctly calculate and install the electrical wiring and protective devices required to safely feed your new equipment.

Upgrades, Repairs, & Retrofits

We complete outdoor and indoor lighting upgrades and repairs, including retrofits, energy efficiency upgrades and emergency lighting. We also work on parking lot lighting with our bucket truck. 

Licensed & Committed to the Latest Technology

Chances are we are licensed where your facility is located. We maintain multiple town and city licenses and complete our installations to meet the National Electrical Code – or NEC. We also attend numerous training events each year to make sure we stay on top of changes and new technologies.