Building Controls

Energy Cost Control, a division of E.C.C. Electrical Construction Corp., was formed in 1979 to address the energy concerns of our customers. We have designed, installed, and remotely monitor numerous facilities throughout the Northeast. We have completed installations for schools, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, retail stores, industrial plants, refrigerated warehouses, and over 2,500 senior citizen apartments for H.U.D. We are one of a few certified contractors installing and servicing Wal-Mart stores throughout the Northeast.

Energy Cost Control designs, services and installs solutions to assist customers in controlling their building, keeping employees and tenants happy while reducing utility usage.

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Protemp Boiler Controls

Commercial hot water heaters used often consume more natural gas than is necessary.  Energy Cost Control installs and services boiler controllers manufactured by Protemp. Protemp specializes in standalone, simple, rugged boiler controllers that typically save 20% or more on natural gas usage.  These controllers monitor temperatures and usage – then learn building usage and turn down the heat applicable to save energy.

HVAC Controls

Building owners know that maintaining and correctly controlling HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is paramount in employee and tenant relations.  A well-controlled building is also efficient and can alert the staff to issues early. Energy Cost Control designs, installs and services a variety of products to address building owner needs.

Qualifications & Products

Training is a primary focus for our staff – building controls technology is constantly evolving with new technologies and products. Our office has certifications for multiple product lines including:

  • Trend IQ system and graphics engineer and installer certification
  • Niagara AX certification
  • Novar Controls engineer and installer certification
  • Alerton Control product system engineer and installer
  • Infrared Thermography certified
  • National Grid Energy Partner training
  • Energy Cost Control also services multiple existing Novar Controls products throughout New York State, including Wilson Stadium, Calspan, Harlequin Books and dozens of others.
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