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Master Electric of WNY., a division of E.C.C. Electrical Construction Corp., has been servicing the automated home standby generator needs of Buffalo since 1979. We are a PowerPro Elite Generac® dealer offering commercial and residential generator sales, service, and installation. We complete the entire installation with no subcontractors. Our master electricians, with extensive experience, can perform residential and commercial electrical service and repairs. We are a full service dealer for Generac and automatic stand-by emergency generators for homes and businesses.

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Now you have it. Now you don’t. From hurricanes and snow storms to accidents, tens of millions of Americans lose electrical power to their homes each year. No warning – just no lights, no heat, no air conditioning. No refrigerator, no sump pump, no security system. A few hours without power is a nuisance. Losing power for days, weeks or even longer can be costly and downright dangerous.

A Generac® automatic standby generator returns your home to full power within 5-15 seconds, 24/7, even when you’re not at home. More convenient than a portable unit, a fully automatic Generac standby generator senses an outage and begins to produce power immediately. There are no extension cords to plug in, gas tanks to fill, or switches to flip. A Generac generator delivers the power you need, and the security and peace of mind you want.

When it comes to protecting your family — and your property — from power outages, you want nothing less than the best. That’s why 4 out of 5 homeowners turn to Generac when purchasing an automatic home standby generator for their homes.

Generac didn’t get to be number one by being like everyone else. Power generation is our their business — and has been for nearly half a century. Generac products provide the highest quality, the best reliability, the most advanced features and the best value in the industry.

While some companies just assemble product, Generac designs and manufactures their own air-cooled engines, alternators, enclosures, control systems, transfer switches and communication software. With Generac, you get a fully integrated standby power system in which every component is perfectly matched.

Generac controls every aspect of the manufacturing process and production tests every unit to ensure the highest quality and complete customer satisfaction. High volume production, along with advanced manufacturing technologies and processes, allows them to keep costs under control and to pass the savings along to you in the form of the lowest prices in the industry.

That’s why Generac sells more automatic home standby power systems than all other manufacturers combined. With so much at stake, don’t settle for less than the best.

Generac Standby Generators are completely automatic, helping to ensure that your home or business remain safe from the negative and potentially harmful effects of power loss.

  1. The Generac system automatically and continuously monitors incoming power from the utility line.
  2. When utility power is interrupted, the control system in the generator automatically senses the loss of power and signals the generator to start.
  3. The automatic transfer switch safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens a new power line from the generator.
  4. Your Generac generator supplies electricity to your main distribution panel through an automatic transfer switch. You can elect to back up selected emergency circuits or your entire electrical service.
  5. When utility line voltage returns, the system transfers the electrical load back to the utility line. The generator continues to run for an engine cool-down period of several minutes and the entire system stands ready for the next power outage.
    To ensure the system is always ready when you need it, your generator will run a 10-12 minute self-test cycle every week.

After investing in a generator system for your home or business, we want to ensure it operates properly, especially during those critical times when a power outage occurs. To do this, we offer a Scheduled Maintenance Program of periodic, routine inspections and maintenance on most brands or sizes of generator. Like other mechanical equipment, your generator requires routine inspections of all its components and changing various filters for proper operation. Our factory trained and certified technicians perform a thorough inspection of the equipment including all the electrical components and wiring, and often are able to detect and repair problems at the same time, preventing a potential malfunction when you need it most.

A customized scheduled maintenance program will ensure that your system is always in top operating condition and that your warranty requirements are met. Technicians who are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of your system will change the oil, coolant and filters when scheduled. They’ll make sure the battery, hoses and belts are in good shape and carefully inspect wear points in order to prevent problems before they occur.

Generator service includes:

  • Oil Filter- Generac OEM
  • Air Filter- Genrac OEM
  • Spark Plugs- Factory Specifications
  • Synthetic Oil- 5W30
  • Battery Test- Battery Voltage and Charging Circuit. Batteries typically have a life of 3-4 years.
  • Run & Test output voltages
  • Clean generator- remove leaves, sticks, etc.
  • Verify Weekly Exercise time is set in unit
  • Update firmware- If applicable
  • Perform a power failure test – if someone is home and requests it. Note: clocks would need to be reset.
  • Provide a full page check list of all items on your generator.

If you are interested in more information regarding our Scheduled Maintenance Program, please contact us.